Petersburg Poultry Processing

Petersburg Poultry Processing

Petersburg Poultry ProcessingPetersburg Poultry ProcessingPetersburg Poultry Processing

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Our Mission

Founders Sydney & Cavan Sullivan  welcome you and introduce you to Petersburg Poultry.

Order Day Old Meat Birds

White Cornish Broilers


Cornish Cross birds make excellent fryers and roasters. Typically reaching dressed weights of 5 lbs in as little a 7 weeks. Good management and a healthy diet will result in a bird sure to impress your friends, family or customers.  Can also be harvested at 4 week as a "Cornish Game Hen".  Very versatile consistent meat producer that we have found to do exceptionally well in pasture and range applications. 

Large White Turkeys


These fast growing turkeys make a great summer addition to any farm.  We have found these to be fantastic for finishing on pasture from 8 weeks until 16 weeks.  These are available from Mid-June through July and are perfect for Thanksgiving table bird production.

Heritage Delaware Chicken


Are you needing a great dual purpose chicken? Cockerels  dress out at up to 4lbs in 16 weeks but have pullets that will lay large brown eggs all year long? Best of both worlds. These are the ultimate pasture/ homestead chickens. Certified Heritage Stock. 

Farm to Table Poultry

Order now and we will Fedex directly to your home!


If you are not a poultry farmer, not to worry you can still get the freshest tastiest chicken, pheasant, and turkey  sent directly. Farm to Table!  Better yet, send it as the best gift idea of the season.

Send the Perfect Holiday Gift to Friends and Family


Send the most genuine gift to your friends this year. Imagine a  beautiful wholesome ready to cook turkey or pheasant arriving on their door step. This will be sure to be the highlight of the holiday season this year. 

What we do

We hatch meat birds for you


We operate a modern hatchery that supplies high quality cornish rock broiler, turkey, gamebird, and heritage chicken chicks to customers across the Mid-west. NPIP Certified stock.   If there is a specialty bird you are wanting to raise, please just ask.

We give farmers support


We offer our many years of experience to help our customers grow their birds along with a successful poultry enterprise. We are always learning ourselves, but we want to share our experiences to help others just getting started.

We are your one stop poultry service.

Humane Processing


We know the love and devotion you put into raising birds, so we try to limit the stress experienced by the birds leading up to and during processing.   We take animal welfare very seriously and will not tolerate poor treatment from our customers or our staff.

Build a Program for your Store/Restaurant


In addition to working with small famers who need processing, we also offer our friends in the retail and foodservice industries the ability to build specialty programs.  Want a special type of poultry?  Let our team develop that program for you. From the hatchery to the final packaging of the product we will work to develop your own unique product line.  To get Started.

Text : Poultry to 217-891-7410

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Honest & Consistent Service

USDA Inspection


Processing facility conveniently located in the center of Illinois about 15 minutes off I-55.  We offer custom processing for Chickens, Turkeys, Pheasants, and Waterfowl.  Certified Humane Processing

•Specializing in niche marketing

•Unique farm labeling available

•Online scheduling

•No minimum quantities

We are here to help you


Bring your birds to us and we will send you home happy and with a product you can be confident in.

Reserve your spot today!


We can process unto 3000 chickens per day. We  fill up fast so please take advantage of our online booking tool to reserve your space.

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours to see our poultry processing plants.

Petersburg Poultry Processing

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